Pinoy TV Tambayan (AKA) Simon James VS. James Simon

The movie initially marched to Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, AKA. It got great appreciation for its highly interesting theme. Pinoy TV Tambayan (AKA) holds the junks of comedy, betray, friendship, romance and rivalry. You will get it as an appealing watch. The bound of friendship can become weak when you fall in love. Love makes you blind and what you just see is yourself. The confrontation of the two men, who are different in nature but having similarities in appearance and name, creates an interesting situation to enjoy. Watch and enjoy Pinoy TV Tambayan (AKA) along with your friends.


The stars those shinned in Pinoy TV Tambayan (AKA) are Jesse Eisenberg (Simon/James), Mia Wasikowska (Hannah), Wallace Shawn (Mr. Papadopoulos), Yasmin Paige (Melanie Papadopoulos), Noah Taylor (Harris), Kobna Holdbrook (Guard), Jeanie Gold (Waitress), Tim Key (Staff Member), Phyllis Somerville (Simon’s Mother), Sally Hawkins (Receptionist), Chris O’Dowd (Nurse), Christopher Morris (Official), Craig Roberts (Detective), Jon Korkes (Detective), J Mascis (Janitor), Rade Serbedzija (Frightening Old Man), Catherine Delaloye (Air Hostess), Georgie-May Tearle (Air Hostess), James Fox (The Colonel), Cathy Moriarty, Paddy Considine and Gemma Chan.

Pinoy TV Tambayan (AKA) is the production by Robin C. Fox and Amina Dasmal. Richard Ayoade has directed this movie. The story has written by Richard Ayoade and Avi Korine. Andrew Hewitt has done the music for it. The cinematography has done by Erik Wilson and editing by Chris Dickens and Nick Fenton. The distribution rights have given to StudioCanal UK for United Kingdom and Magnolia Pictures for United States.

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Pinoy TV Tambayan (AKA) movie shows up the stunning confrontation of two men Simon James and James Simon, who are ditto of each other. The resemblance makes them friends and they start sharing their secrets. In the end, their friendship proves to be troubling for Simon James.


Simon James is a person who is happy with his self. He is not extrovert but coy. He likes solitude, silence and limited concerns. Simon James works in a company. One day he just stuns when he sees a new employee who damn resembles to him. This new employee name is James Simon; his name is another stunning thing to Simon James. James Simon is totally opposite to Simon James in nature. He is extrovert and bold. Soon in pinoy tambayan Simon James becomes friend with James Simon. James Simon starts taking interest in personal life of his friend Simon James.

Pinoy TV Tambayan (AKA)

One day James Simon asks Simon James that why he has no girl friend. Simon James shares that he loves a girl Hannah and wants her to tell her but he is unable to express due to his coy nature. James Simon offers him his help. James Simon suggests various tips and tricks to Simon James to show his love to Hannah and make her having feelings for him. By the time, James Simon starts liking Hannah and comes into a secret relationship with Hannah. James Simon does not disclose it to his friend Simon James. The secret relationship do not remains a secret anymore and soon it comes into the knowledge of Simon James. A new kind of confrontation urges between Simon James and James Simon.

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  • Pinoy TV Tambayan (2014) Movie


Pinoy TV Tambayan (AKA) is now to march in United Kingdom on April 4, 2018 and May 9, 2018 in United States. Pinoy TV Tambayan (AKA) is a package with great deal of stunning love game played by two men who are same in looks. Enjoy the story of double creating a trouble.

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